Ewom's Divide

Staking Program

How does it work?

The Ewomian Staking Program is our rewards program and the mechanic by which new $EDT will be slowly released into circulation over time.
Our token mechanics can be loosely equated to that of a proof of stake network (although we are not operating on our own network). Every quarter we will come out with new and exciting staking opportunities to earn $EDT. The tokens that are paid out to individuals who utilize our staking platform will be minted and claimed by the stakeholders. Thereby increasing the circulating supply of $EDT.
All 10 trillion tokens will be minted and in circulation by Q4 2025. This first year will have the highest minting rates and rewards as the minting rate will taper off each quarter.

Why stake with us?

Unlike most other projects that offer staking, we are not only offering staking of our own token. We will have staking opportunities for many other tokens. For example, we offer a high rewards program for SHIB or USDT. Users come and stake their tokens on our platform and we pay them their rewards in E Token.
This will allow for partnerships and collaboration with other projects and communities while also providing awesome rewards to our community members.
We aim to offer much higher rewards than most other staking platforms for the first year as we try to get a decent amount of $EDT into circulation. Each quarter the rewards will get smaller and smaller as we taper off the minting.
In order to keep rewards high, we will utilize a combination of staking maximums and a maximum number of users allowed to stake with us.

E Token Holder Bonuses

In order to create incentives to hold your $EDT and provide our community with fatter pockets... there will be a bonus structure in place for holders of $EDT that are also staking with us.
Based on what percentage of the total supply of $EDT you hold, you will be subject to a multiplier on your staking rewards. The more $EDT you hold, the higher the multiplier.