Ewom's Divide

Ewomian Rewards Program

ERP Overview

The Ewomain Rewards Program is a rewards program that is designed to reward the most diligent collectors of the Ewom's Divide NFTs.
As mentioned on the NFTs page, each NFT collection will have 3 exclusive weapons. Simply put, to be eligible for the ERP you must own and hold one NFT wielding each of the 3 weapons.


  • Hold 3 NFTs with one wielding hammers, another wielding the mace, and one wielding the staff.
  • Hold at least 500,000,000 $EDT

Reward Payments

These rewards will be claimable for each wallet address that is eligible for the ERP. Our NFTs will contain a 4% royalty fee on each sale. 2% of that fee will be paid out in ETH to eligible members of our ERP (Ewomian Rewards Program). The remaining 2% will stay with the project.
Additionally, funds accumulated at the launch of our NFTs will be placed in a high-interest crypto account. 20% of the interest accrued will also be paid out as part of the ERP.
Last modified 1yr ago