Ewom's Divide



The Ewom's Divide NFTs will be comprised of 2 collections of 3,500 NFTs. Both collections will be released prior to the launch of the Ewom's Divide game. The first collection will consist of the Taiyo, while the second collection will be composed entirely of the Kurai.

In-Game Perks

These NFTs will be wielding one of 3 exclusive weapons that with only be playable by NFT owners wielding their respective weapon. Additionally, the attire that your NFT is wearing will be unlocked for you in-game allowing you to dress your character to look like your NFT. Additionally, we plan to add extra game modes only available to NFT owners.


As mentioned above, each NFT collection will contain 3 exclusive weapons. If you acquire 3 NFTs wielding each of the 3 weapons you will be eligible for our Ewomian Rewards Program. (See Ewomian Rewards Program)
Each wallet address will be eligible to mint 3 NFTs at the time of our public sale. During our private sale for our whitelisted members, each wallet address will be allowed to mint 4 NFTs. This makes the maximum 7 NFTs for each wallet address.
Private sale minting will cost $150 equivalent in ETH per NFT.
Public sale minting will cost $300 equivalent in ETH per NFT.
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