Ewom's Divide


The Official Ewom's Divide Whitepaper
Ewom's Divide is a player vs player real-time strategy game that harnesses the power of the Ethereum blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and high quality balanced gameplay. The Ewom's Divide team is working tirelessly to bring the first-ever highly competitive, action-packed play-to-earn game on the market.
This 5v5 top-down strategy game aims to provide fair and balanced gameplay for all players while highlighting individual skill as well as strategic teamwork to eliminate your opponents.
The Ewom's Divide ecosystem is comprised of 3 main pieces: NFTs, $EDT, and the game itself. This ecosystem will provide a place for experienced investors to earn some significant rewards via our Ewomian Rewards Programs and Staking Programs while providing traditional gamers a place to have fun, enjoy exciting gameplay, and slowly be acclimated to blockchain technologies and ideas.
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